Drywall outside corner systems are a great way to make use of the extra space in your home while still enhancing the design. There are many different types of drywall systems and choices for every need, style and budget. A basic system involves two panels, one inside the other, held together by a drywall glue and mounting brackets. It is an excellent choice if you are working with a small space or just don’t want to deal with the mess or difficulty of installing wood or metal. Another option is sheet rock, which consists of little pieces of wood with tiny holes in them. These are pressed into drywall and glued into place to make a smooth surface that corner bead is nearly impossible to scrape.

Most people prefer to use drywall around their exterior doors and windows because it is easy to install and clean. There are options for single pieces, double pieces, panels and sections. Before you start installing drywall outside corners, make sure that all the pieces are perfectly square and that there is no space between any two pieces for water to get into the cracks. If this is a problem, sand the area down until it is smooth and level before starting your drywall project.
After you have installed the drywall outside corners as described above, if need be, add a layer of drywall to each one to make it even. You may choose to paint or stain your drywall. If so, be sure to prepare the surface properly by scraping and sanding the area. The last step is to add a protective coating of paint to the outside of your drywall. Use a high quality primer and paint to cover your drywall and make sure it is completely dry before replacing any of the hardware. You can add trim to the corners and finials as well as a valance to the door and window.