If you’re trying to find a exciting and unique strategy to embellish a mug with face, check out this training! By using a deal with stencil, it is possible to include character to the simple bright white mug. You only need a razor-sharp knife, a little bit patience, and several painting. Let’s get going!

1. Start by choosing a experience stencil that you like. You may design your very own stencil employing items around the house or search online for a pre-created a single. If you decide to make your very own, be sure that the stencil is big enough to put around the mug and therefore the style is not too complicated.

2. Once you have your stencil, placement it on the mug so that you are satisfied with all the placement. Use some tape to safe the stencil in place.

3. Using a distinct blade, meticulously cut out the appearance of the face area. Take your time with this particular move and stay additional cautious never to move!

4. Once the experience is eliminate, get rid of the stencil and tape. Now you ought to have a poor place in the model of a experience on the mug.

5. Next, it’s time and energy to paint! Making use of whichever shade(s) you want, fill the negative room with fresh paint. Make certain that the paint is evenly applied and that we now have no bald areas. Allow the painting to free of moisture completely before shifting to the following step.

6. Ultimately, make use of a sharp knife or scissors to reduce out any extra paint around the outside the experience design. And that’s it! Your mug is already embellished with a fun and unique face layout.


With just a couple simple actions, it is simple to enhance any simple white colored mug utilizing a face stencil! This project is good for anyone who is looking for an easy and inexpensive way to include some individuality with their home décor. So grab a mug and a few painting and get began these days!