Collagen is considered the most abundant healthy proteins inside our systems and is mainly responsible for supplying our skin its suppleness and plumpness. As our bodies age, our systems create less collagen, which can lead to lines and wrinkles and also other indications of aging.

To overcome this, lots of people consider health supplements like marine collagen based on sea food. But could this be harmless? Let’s check out a few of the safety factors to consider before taking marine collagen to reply to. Is it safe to take marine collagen?

The factors to take into account:

●The principle safety worry when using marine collagen is mercury contamination. Simply because fish are subjected to mercury from the atmosphere, that may then be transferred to the collagen supplement. To avert this, only buy marine collagen from reliable companies which may have their items evaluated for mercury contamination.

●Another aspect to consider is allergy symptoms. Some individuals could be sensitive to seafood or shellfish, which may lead to a hypersensitive reaction when using marine collagen. If you’re unclear, it’s always greatest to speak with your physician before you start any new health supplement strategy.

Sort of Marine Collagen

You can find four varieties of marine collagen—type I, II, III, and V.

●Sort I and III are definitely the most plentiful in your body and interact to assist skin area, your hair, and nails.

●Kind II can be found in cartilage, and kind V is found in mobile membranes.

All kinds of marine collagen are helpful, but depending on your requirements, 1 sort might be more appropriate for yourself than one more.

Marine collagen is a type of collagen that comes from species of fish. It really is specially rich in the proteins glycine and proline, which can be essential for wholesome skin area and joints. Marine collagen also provides many probable beauty rewards.


Whilst there are several security issues to consider before taking marine collagen, all round, it is a risk-free health supplement for most of us. Be sure that you buy from a professional brand name and speak to your personal doctor for those who have any allergy symptoms or worries.